Choco Freeze

Choco Freeze
Choco FreezeChoco Freeze 


1 kg aluminized plastic bag

2 kg pail


Place 100 g of Choco Freeze mix, 500 ml of milk (1.5 % fat), and 500 g of ice in a blender and blend together. The prepared iced drink can then be decorated with chocolate, fruits or whipped cream.


Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa, vegetable fat, milk protein, stabilizer (E 340, E 341, E 452), emulgators guar gum, xantan gum E 471, E 466, E 72 flavoring, salt, colorant carotene, E 122, E 124, E 150


Shelf Life: 18 months


Store in a cool and dry place

made by AG25 s.r.o., 2012
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